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About Amanda

Amanda Married for over 32 years to the same great guy, with 27+ years as a parent, 18 years of homeschooling experience, and author of more than 90 books for families, Amanda has a wealth of experience and laughter to share. Holding a degree in engineering from the University of Florida, Amanda worked in engineering and professional research before turning home to raise and educate their three children. She is a seasoned and sought-after speaker, having traveled across the country to speak to thousands, offering encouragement, laughter and hope.

As a guest speaker at conferences across the country, Amanda uses both humor and candor to share her message of encouragement as well as practical help for homeschooling parents trying to find a better way to educate their children. Amanda is a CLASS graduate (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Services), and has spoken in front of both church and convention audiences.

As a home educator, she has been motivated to develop a more effective means of learning for children and a more interesting method of teaching for parents. The results of her efforts, several series of unit studies, have become very popular across the country and around the globe. Her goal in writing is to help children enjoy learning, and develop into self-motivated students that will enjoy a lifetime of learning.

“Over the years, so many moms have emailed, called, and asked me in person about coming up with lapbooks for my studies. So many patiently explained lapbooks to me, brought their children's lapbooks for me to see at conferences across the country, and kept a fire under me about how helpful and fun lapbooks can be for learning with unit studies.

Being an engineer by degree, I tend to be a bit of a geek—all lines, numbers, outlines, and structure. While being able to design a bridge or space rocket, I did not learn much about creating colorful learning elements with our children. However, I have learned so much while home educating our own kids, and I know that hands-on learning is the best kind. Lapbooks were definitely something to add to a unit study!Amanda

When the opportunity came to work with the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett team to create a brand new kind of product where the elements of unit study learning were merged with the hands-on learning and fun of creating lapbooks, I knew that this was the right direction and jumped at the chance.”

Amanda and her husband now have two children through college (one is a veterinarian and one is a business owner) and a third child just entering college. As a home educator, she was motivated to develop a more effective means of learning for children and a more interesting method of teaching for parents, which resulted in the creation of several series of unit studies. Her unit studies and conference presentations have become extremely popular with homeschool families from coast to coast.

Mission Statement

First, it is my prayer that others see Christ and His work in my words and actions, and want to develop a relationship with our Lord and Savior. While writing originally for my own children, slowly, but surely, the Lord has helped me to see that my efforts to help our own children could help others with both home education as well as their own faith.

Second, I work to help children develop a love of learning--a sense of wonder with all that God has created. In this age of overwhelming information overload, I work to open doors of interest for children, instead of overwhelming them with vast tidbits of disconnected data.

Listen in as well-known author Tricia Goyer interviews Amanda.


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