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American Government Unit Study Adventures (K - 12, 4 weeks)

We know that we need to teach our children the basics of American government, but how can we study it so that we all stay interested while real learning takes place? The people and events in the history of American government tell a tale that brings the basics of our government to life. Who were the Founding Fathers, and why are they still such hot topics of debate? Just exactly what was the "Great Compromise" and what difference did it make? And, wait until you learn about the Electoral College and the real reason for its creation. Given this precious gift of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" as American citizens, the next generation needs to learn the importance of what it means to be an American and what part the government plays in their daily lives, and how they can make a difference.

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Elections 2012 Unit Study Adventures (K - 12, 4 weeks)

We the people ARE the government here in America – we elect our leaders to lead our country and represent us through our elections! By voting, we are able to express our own opinions on issues through our choices of candidates. As the next generation begins to mature and prepare to be a part of their communities, they need to understand that their vote is their voice. The freedom to vote and choose our government representatives is a freedom that has been obtained and defended at the cost of many precious lives. They need to understand the election process, the workings of American government and the impact that they can have on the process as well as the future of our country. With this study, your students will learn about:

  • History of elections
  • Basic structure of representative government
  • Voting and election process
  • Campaign participation and opportunities

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Patriotic Holidays Unit Study Adventures (K - 12, 4 weeks)

Patriotic Holidays was written to help parents teach their children about patriotism, the true history and meaning of our uniquely American patriotic holidays. It is packed with information for spending one week on each of these four American patriotic holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Day
  • Veterans Day

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Inauguration 2013 Unit Study Adventures (K - 12, 2 weeks) - Available December 2012

This study will allow you and your family to take advantage of this special moment in history, helping learn more about the president and the inauguration process, as well as some important facets of American history. Get on board, and get ready for a fun and interesting learning expedition. Some of the topics of this study include:

  • History of presidential inaugurations
  • History of some of the American presidents
  • Responsibilities of the President of the United States
  • Learning about the President and Vice President being inaugurated

This new two-week study will provide an understanding of what will be happening and the significance of each part of the transfer of power in Washington. We will be looking at the history of inaugurations in America–when and where they took place, how the ceremony changed as the times changed, what was said during some of the inaugural addresses, and much more.

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Heroes of American History (Grades 4 - 8, story collection)

Written to convey the feelings and ideas of the people of those times, these stories tell us about American history and hold our interest with chapters on Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Nathanael Greene, John Paul Jones, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, John Sevier, Robert Fulton, and more.

This collection makes an excellent follow-up to Heroes of America (also in the Heroes for Today series), with sixteen illustrated chapters, each including Internet resources for further exploration.

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