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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Crunchy Cookies

Crunchy Cookies

What’s your favorite cookie?

Nothing smells better than chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.  And time spent in the kitchen, baking cookies with mom, builds some of the fondest memories of childhood.

Day 1: What Are Cookies?
Day 2: Cookies—The Story
Day 3: Types of Cookies
Day 4: Science Secrets of Cookies
Day 5: Let's Have a Cookie Party

There’s so much to learn about cookies! Discover the favorite cookies of Presidents and meet famous cookie makers.  Make tasty discoveries in geography, science, and math while baking cookies from around the world! Practice your table manners during tea time. Finally, end your amazing week of learning and baking by inviting friends and family over for a delicious cookie party!  

From Oreos to gingerbread cookies, Crunchy Cookies is sure to be delicious!

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Crunchy Cookies:

"We are so excited to work on DNG’s Crunchy Cookies! Everyone loves those hot fresh homemade goodies. Who knew that learning could be so much fun and so tasty too?

I am always amazed at all the topics Amanda includes in these studies but never in an overwhelming way and this one is no exception. The information is presented in an inviting way and the layout is bright and attractive. The lapbook is a great keepsake and can be used for later review.

Your student will not only learn about the science of cookie making but geography, presidential history, weather, math, and so much more. As always, each unit is packed with informative videos, websites and lots of activities to enhance your studies. Best of all, lots of yummy recipes to share with your children!

If you are someone who has never tried unit studies or are uncomfortable creating your own, you should definitely give Download N Go a try. Amanda takes all the work out of it for mom and your kids will love it!"

—Lisa McClain, South Weber, UT

"I consider myself an expert when it comes to all things delicious, cookies being close to the top.  But I must humbly bow and step aside for Mrs. Amanda Bennett to take the spot as top cookie!

I had NO IDEA there was so much to learn about something as simple as a cookie.  I mean, cookies are the most basic of simple goodness, right?  Oh come on.  We all know that NOTHING is simple once a home school mom gets a hold of it!  We can turn anything simple into a full blown unit study if we have the time and energy!  The great thing about Download N Go studies is that Mrs. Bennett has already taken the funnest of topics and done all the research and hard work for us!

With Crunchy Cookies you and your children will learn about all things cookie... different recipes, a vast array of ingredients, favorite types of cookies, etc. but along with these things are origins of cookies, famous cookie makers, the history of certain types of cookies, facts about different countries famous cookies come from, U.S. President's and their favorite cookies, and so much more.  Map skills, the science of food, handwriting and memorization work, history, math practice, baking and memory-making, and batches of fun are all included in this one-of-a-kind study by Amanda Bennett!

Thank you Amanda, for bringing the fun (and yumminess!) back in to our learning!  We will never look at cookies the same way again!"

—Christy Mitchell, Corbin, KY

"Once again, I am impressed with how thorough Amanda and her team are. I could never have pulled all of this together on my own! DNG is such a joy to study—Amanda makes it so easy to fall in love with unit studies!

From the history of cookies and famous cookie makers to the science of cookies and recipes, you will learn everything needed to be a cookie expert. As usual, there are lots of book suggestions and memory making lapbooking pages. You will be pleasantly surprised at how varied this study is. Of course, any study that ends in a cookie party is worth doing more than once, just to make sure you know it all!"

—Samantha Kelley, Prestonsburg, KY

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