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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study
Grades K - 4
DNG Teacher's Guide

Download N Go
Teacher's Guide


Finally, it's HERE . . .
the brand new Download N Go Teacher's Guide!

Custom-made for use with the One Year DNG package, this guide is loaded with features and forms that will provide what you need to plan a year of fun with DNG!

This 63-page guide includes everything you'll need to have a stress-free year using Download N Go unit studies. Full of great information and powerful tools, it includes:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about using unit studies
  • An extensive topical index (similar to a scope and sequence), to help you document what your children learn during the year
  • A one-year plan to guide you through the year using the 36 Download N Go studies included in the One Year DNG package
  • More than 40 pages of interactive forms to journal and document your learning adventures throughout the year

This guide provides the tools you need to jump right in and begin using Download N Go unit studies with confidence. Enjoy the adventure!

Take a peek inside this guide.

Here's what homeschooling parents are saying about the Download N Go Teacher's Guide:

"I just finished looking at the DNG Teacher's Guide and I think it is WONDERFUL!! 

The DNG Teacher Guide is a great resource to all parents, but especially to those who are following a unit study approach to homeschooling, specifically those using Download-n-Go's (or other of USAB's unit studies).

The one year topical index is awesome. You can go to any one section and see which units will cover which topics. You could also scan through and see which units cover specific things like specific artists, Biblical characters and traits, presidents, historical figures, countries, inventors and even what animals would be discovered. Then the One Year Plan (which is also linked, HOW COOL!) is a visual of when you could cover each unit! Love it!!

The best part of the DNG Teacher Guide are the printables. You can use them all year with customization for each child. And the best part . . . all the printables relate specifically to the unit study model of homeschooling. You could print a bunch of them out, stick them in a 3-ringed binder and add to them as the year progresses.

Thank you so much Amanda for letting me get a 'preview' of this teacher guide. I think it is AWESOME!  You truly have a heart for the homeschooling parent!"

—Kellyann Walker at

". . . A few weeks ago I caught wind of a new Download N Go™ Teacher's Guide. . . . Th[e] topical index is one of my favorite parts!  Listed out over 7 pages are the many topics your family can learn about while using DNG studies. The best part is that after each topic is a listing of all the studies addressing that topic. . . . If we want to spend some time studying an artist I flip to the Art section and find a listing of 12 artists and which studies you’ll find them in. Who would have guessed that Terrific Tigers has a section on artist Henri Rousseau and Prairie Pioneers includes artist Albert Beirstadt? While I know the Expedition series of DNG will give us a great geography unit, the topical index lists countries that are also in the other DNG units. It even has a list of geographic features covered in each Expedition DNG, so if I have a child interested in mountains or deserts I know where to find sections for those topics.

. . . This page [One Year Plan] takes the One Year DNG package and divides it up for you by month, putting units like the Expedition Israel in December and George Washington in February (when you’ll find his birthday and President’s Day). It’s also great at spreading out similar studies over the year--so you don’t spend three months on all the animal studies and have none left for the rest of your year, for example.

. . . While the Download N Go™ studies are complete in themselves, these recordkeeping pages give me a wonderful place to record the extras we add in to stretch our studies over a month. I can also save mine to remind me of those extras when I reuse the DNG study with another child down the road. . . . "

—Tristan at
Our Busy Homeschool

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