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Download N Go™ unit studies are interactive and engaging one-week studies that are cross-curricular (include history, geography, science, etc.). They include integrated lapbooking components, and are ready to use immediately—no preparation required. Don't be surprised if your students wake up each day, asking what they will get to do for school that day!

This series of unit studies offers a new kind of learning experience. They contain daily lessons and lapbook instructions designed for K - 4 students—woven together with eye-pleasing pages and interactivity based on exciting themes—ready for immediate use. There are no expensive resources required; these units are complete and very affordable. Many homeschoolers love this method because it works so well for simultaneously teaching multiple age levels. Each unit is designed to be one week of hands-on learning adventures for kids from K - 4.

Some benefits of unit studies:

  • Students learn more detailed information with an in-depth study of a topic. Capturing children’s natural curiosity with many exciting themes to choose from opens up the path to deeper understanding and better retention.
  • Unit studies encourage the use of imagination, creativity, and thinking skills. The basic subjects are covered while reinforcing other academic abilities.
  • The topic studied is perceived as a whole instead of bits and pieces scattered throughout their education. They are not likely to forget what they have learned and experienced!
  • It’s a fun way to learn and bring the whole family together!
  • And when you add a lapbook, you have a complete lesson!

Lapbooking brings a lively, creative project appeal to this series in a simple, ready-to-use format. Daily lapbooking templates are ready to just print and use. Have you ever created a lapbook with your child? These activities are made to be easy enough for a beginner, but "meaty” enough for children who have been lapbooking for a long time. Learn more about lapbooking on our FAQs page.

The Internet is a primary resource for interactive learning with Download N Go™ studies. There’s a wealth of information available online for you to tap into with ease. There are benefits conducive to learning and using this method:

  • Use of multimedia engages students and provides valuable learning opportunities. There are numerous links to educational videos, complementary worksheets, a variety of crafts, and valuable information.
  • Research has shown that most often, verbal information is better remembered when accompanied by a visual image.
  • Provides a fun, meaningful aspect to learning.
  • Saves you time—all the work and research have been done for you! Just click and you’re there!

“I just wanted to thank you for your new series Download and Go! We ordered the 19 week option . . . and are loving it!! The kids are excited to start each day and so am I! We are learning so much in such a fun and interactive way! You truly have sparked a real desire to learn . . . something I desperately wanted! Thank you for all of your hard work! We are reaping the benefits immensely!"

~Lisa Sawtelle, via email, March 18, 2010

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Beginners Series USA / World Map Pack (Grades K-3).

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Football Frenzy

Lewis and Clark

Chocolate Challenge

George Washington

Expedition Ireland


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