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Grades K - 4
Expedition Canada

Expedition Canada

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Mounties, maple, moose, a goose, pingos, loonies, and lights . . . From sea to sea, Canada is a land of culture, fun, wonder and sights!

Day 1: Where on Earth Is Canada?
Day 2: Some of the Special Places of Canada
Day 3: A Bit of History
Day 4: Special Things to Know About Canada
Day 5: Fun and Games in Canada

Your kids will adore exploring Canada, the world's second largest country.

Canada is a vast and exciting place full of fascinating people, history, geography, remarkably interesting animals, and more. The hockey games, the arctic tundra, the moose, and the polar bears will catch children's attention, but kids are amazed to learn about the northern lights, Niagara Falls, the sport of curling, and the Canadian Rockies.

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Expedition Canada:

“It is hard to find good material for Canadian Curriculum (or at least I’ve had a hard time finding it!). I currently have been working on my own mish-mash of material for the kids and though they’ve been enjoying it, I struggle putting it together.  I want a bit more structure and that is what Expedition Canada has. It provides me with all my resources and structure in one pretty and appealing package so I can stop searching frantically every week for what I need . . .

We found a lot of extra things we liked about Canada, while studying this unit through the links and a few craft projects that we will attempt (like a really funny beaver mask) . . . I loved the variety of animals she covered, especially in some of the links she used! I found a few that I didn’t even realize were in Canada, so they were a surprise to me! I liked some of the interesting facts and places she included in the lesson—Such as the Bay of Fundy or even that Vancouver was named after Mr. Vancouver (hehe, you’ll have to look that one up if you don’t know!)”

Amy Cruson, Canada

“The 5 day study is broken down into each individual day’s agenda which makes the planning and implementation so easy for the busy home school mom . . . Your children will be amazed with wonder as they learn about the Arctic Tundra, the bright Nothern Lights, Niagra Falls and the Rockies . . . Expedition Canada also contains great video clips, website links, and supplemental activities which create endless learning opportunities for your child. The recommended reading lists are included for each day with the books being easily obtained from a local library which causes no extra expense for the home school family in a tight economy. Geography, vocabulary, history, and science—it’s all in there and so much more . . . No more struggling with research and time management to come up with a plan. Everything is done for you, and all at one incredible price.”

—Lisa Weir, Rutledge, TN

“Each day is filled with gorgeous videos, geographic features, animals, inventions, explorers, and much, much more . . . This is the third DNG unit in the Expedition Series that we have used and I am always so amazed at how in depth and thorough the studies are.

Expedition Canada is a fun and engaging way to expand your children’s knowledge of our world. I think my boys may become world travelers, thanks to this series! As a homeschool mom, I love to see their passions ignited. What a blessing for busy homeschool families to have these units available to them and at such a reasonable price too.”

Lisa McClain, South Weber, Utah

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