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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
FREE DNG Planner
Download N Go™ Planner

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Our special gift to you—the FREE Download N Go™ Planner

It'll be fun making this year's curriculum choices with Download N Go™!

This special gift, the Download N Go™ Planner, is designed to help make your weekly planning effortless. This planner consists of four, interactive, planning pages with hyperlinks to the amazing line of DNG studies. It couldn't be any easier to plan out your school year adventures. Just click on the links to learn more about each unit. You can even read reviews to find out how others have enjoyed or used a particular study. 

Simply download the DNG Planner, decide which studies are right for your student(s), choose to use the prefilled planning pages or create your own unique planning pages, save your changes and/or print them out for later reference.

What do you want to learn this week? You may ask your children or decide for them, but no doubt you'll all have a blast with your Download N Go™ adventures! The extensive selection of unit topics are exciting and child-appealing—it may be difficult to decide which unit to use first with your family.

Your adventure is about to begin . . .
have a great time of discovery, learning, and lapbooking
with Download N Go™!

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