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USAB Gift Coupons

USAB Gift Coupon

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or relative?
Not sure what sizes everyone is wearing this year?

Give them a gift that lasts . . .
lasting memories, lasting knowledge, and lasting fun!

USAB gift coupons are a great gift idea. Please note that they are not gift certificates, which can carry a balance from one purchase to another, but must be used during one checkout process. They can be used to purchase any of the value-packed studies USAB offers:

Some benefits of unit studies:

  • Students learn more detailed information with an in-depth study of a topic. Capturing a child's natural curiosity with many exciting themes to choose from opens up the path to deeper understanding and better retention.
  • Unit studies encourage the use of imagination, creativity, and thinking skills. The basic subjects are covered while reinforcing other academic abilities.
  • The topic studied is perceived as a whole instead of bits and pieces scattered throughout their education. They are not likely to forget what they have learned and experienced!
  • It's a fun way to learn and bring the whole family together!

If you have any questions about how USAB gift coupons work, please contact Customer Service.

If we can teach our children with interesting materials, challenging them to think, reason, analyze and dig deeper for further information, we will find them to be well-educated and ready to move on to a lifetime of challenge and questions and adventure.” —Amanda Bennett

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