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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Handsome Horses

Handsome Horses

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From stick horses to the Trojan horse,
what child is not fascinated with horses?

Whether at a rodeo, a parade, or driving down a country road, the sight of a horse grabs our attention and induces thoughts of galloping along with the wind in our faces.

Come along as we learn about horses!

Day 1: What Is a horse?
Day 2: Getting to Know Horses
Day 3: Where Are the Horses?
Day 4: The Science of Horses
Day 5: Cool Things About Horses

Since the beginning of time, horses have played a role in cultures around the world. History is filled with adventurous stories of horses: Egyptian pharaohs, wars, cowboys, Native Americans—the horse has been an integral part of each moment in history.

There's so much to learn about the horse—anatomy, types and breeds, and horse occupations, as well as the care and keeping of horses. There are art lessons, amazing videos, and fun facts to see and learn along the way.

These beautiful and intelligent animals will take your family on an unforgettable journey from the past to the present, and everywhere in between!

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Handsome Horses:

"Amanda Bennett, yet another amazing Download-N-Go, and horses . . . it's the ultimate TRIFECTA in learning! Handsome Horses is definitely taking a trot around the winner's circle in this homeschool momma's book. Living in the very heart of Kentucky's horse country, we are inundated with all of the hype surrounding the Derby, Churchill Downs, Keeneland, the Equestrian Games, and the horse industry. Thankfully, this brilliantly designed study introduces children to many other facets of these stunning creatures.

Arabian, Appaloosa, Quarter, and Clydesdale horses, as well as Connemara ponies all make their grand appearance in Handsome Horses. Through this week-long, cross-curricular study, K - 4 students have the incredible opportunity to learn about various breeds and types of horses, the roles and uses of horses throughout history, horses in the Bible, horse anatomy, equine care, horse safety, and riding techniques. Facilitated by breathtaking graphics, quality videos, interactive websites, recommended supplemental resources, and suggested "just for fun" activities, students develop a great appreciation for the magnificent creatures. Daily lapbook components aid the students in grasping the content presented, and by the week's end, children have a stunning completed product to showcase their newly-acquired knowledge.

Handsome Horses is not to be missed! It is absolutely perfect for busy parents. The material is compiled and ready to simply download-n-go. The children will be engaged, entertained, and educated, and they will thank you for such an incredible week. Canter along now—go GALLOP and grab Handsome Horses to bring immediate life and excitement to your homeschool."

—Angela Wells, Frankfort, KY

"As a child I was very fascinated with horses and always found them to be one of the most amazing creatures that God has created. Their beauty and grace is like no other. That's why I'm so excited about the Handsome Horses unit study!

Handsome Horses is packed full of great facts, history, science, math, drawing, Scripture and classic literture. What a fun way for your children to learn about this amazing animal. The daily video clips and questions are sure to peak your children's interest. You will cover history, Horse of the Day, spelling, vocabulary words and so much more.

One of my most favorite parts of the unit study, is the lapbook. I love crafts and so do my children, so this is great way for me to help my children express what they've learned in a fun way. I also love the fact that my children have a record of what they've learned and can look back at it any time they want in the years to come.

I love that the work has been done for me and all I have to do is open the unit study and start teaching. It is a great addition to my curriculum and it's very economically priced."

—Lori Vissers, Haslett, MI

"If you have a horse lover in your household you are going to love the latest Download N Go unit study, Handsome Horses. Introduce your younger children to the beauty of this wonderful creature or provide opportunities for more in depth study for your older children. The flexibility of Download N Go makes it a great choice for your children in grades K - 4 and beyond.

In this five-day unit study all of the work is done for you. Your children will learn what a horse is, where horses live and cool things about horses. Each day they will learn about a different horse and many other topics including Bible, math, spelling, history, anatomy, geography and more!

Each Download N Go unit study is so easy to use. The optional book list for this study looks wonderful. From books on how to draw horses to wonderful horse stories you will find something your child will love. Having the book list makes preparing for the unit so convenient, if you like to add to the unit. The choice is up to you whether or not to add the books as Handsome Horses is a complete unit without the books.

The thing that sets Download N Go apart from other unit studies are the included video links that are embedded on a safe page to protect your children and the research links that make it so easy for your children to have the information they need at their fingertips. The graphics and lapbook pages are colorful and fun. At the end of the week your child will have a wonderful keepsake of everything they learned about horses to go back and look at for continued learning and review.

There are so many ways you could use Download N Go in your child's education. Use Download N Go as your main curriculum, as a breather from your regular curriculum, or as a fun supplement. No matter how you use it your children will enjoy Handsome Horses. We can't wait to begin!"

—Karen D. Gouvin, Bradford, RI

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