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Unit Study Adventures
Downloadable, Four-Week Unit Study
Grades K - 12

Winter Games 2014


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The excitement of the runners approaching the stadium, the joy of the lighting of the flame, and finally the beginning of the Olympic Games—what a thrill to children of all ages! As a child, I was only vaguely aware of the Olympics. With changing times and amazing technology, it is now possible for millions and millions of people around the world to observe the Olympic events, along with all of the other activities and festivities that take place during the Olympics. We can use this opportunity to learn more about other countries and world politics, as well as the sports and athletes.

The story of the Olympics is so rich in history, geography, science, fascinating ideas, and events. When learning about the Olympics, you will see the important role that science plays in the games—laws of physics coming in direct conflict with the wonderful bodies that God created for each of us. The deep and personal commitment of the athletes to achieve their best performance, their faith, concentration, endless training, and reaching out to help each other—all of these are lessons in the importance of goal—setting, persistence, and personal values for students of all ages.

With thousands of athletes contending, the events, countries, and personal stories of the competitors can be overwhelming. It will be well worth the study for those families interested in history, countries of the world, sports, and human abilities. As you study the Olympics with your family, try to focus on some of the following areas, depending on the ages and interests of your children:

  • History of the ancient Olympics
  • Science and the laws of physics in sports
  • Sports and the human body
  • World geography, both ancient and modern
  • World politics and its influence on international sports

With athletes from 85 countries competing for 98 medals in 15 disciplines of seven winter sports, this should be a great international learning adventure! Remember to help your children focus on the efforts, values, and sportsmanship involved in these events, as well as the participation of athletes from around the world. You never know when a spark will ignite in their imagination or an idea will take hold that might help them develop their own God-given gifts and talents!

You can download a copy of the Schedule of Events in preparation for the Winter Games.

Take a peek inside this unit.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Winter Games 2014:

“Our family used Amanda Bennett's unit study for the 2012 Summer Games and my boys still talk about all of the things we learned and the fun activities! It was a very memorable experience for all of us, so we were thrilled for the release of the 2014 Winter Games edition!

I love the four-week format of this unit study. It builds excitement for two weeks leading up to the games and prepares the students well for what is to come. And the two weeks planned during the Olympics provide great enrichment and family discussion to what is already one of our favorite events!

As always, Amanda includes great vocabulary words, inspiring Bible verses and quotes, and wonderful historical background. My boys absolutely love all the video links, and when the Olympics arrive, I know they be glued to it, referencing all the information we've loved learned about the sports, countries, and athletes from this study!”


“When I was young I had the opportunity to meet Barney Ewell. He won a gold and two silver medals in the 1948 Olympics. In 1998 when I visited Australia I got to visit and swim in the Sydney Olympic pool and learn about the 2000 Olympic site and games. And today our family lives 30 minutes North of Atlanta, a city that hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996. Our local history museum even has an entire exhibit about Olympic history. So needless to say our family is a huge fan of both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The Winter Games 2014, 4–week unit study is packed with information covering history, geography, science, politics and more. This unit study is for the entire family! Upper and lower grade activities are include each day. The daily learning plan is comprised of 4 basic components: passage, words of wisdom, people and places to know and read and discover. There are lots of great family project ideas like taking a field trips, interviewing family members, making paper mache torches and more. And of course there are the usual items that you see in every unit study by Amanda Bennett like book, video and website recommendations, maps and journal pages.

During the Winter Games 2014 unit study your family will travel back in time to the ancient Olympics, take a virtual trip to Russia, learn about symbols and traditions in the Olympics, explore the lives of famous Olympic athletes and investigate various sports and the science behind them. The Winter Olympics are being held in Russia the year if you didn't already know. Pick up this unit study to learn more about not only the Olympics but also the largest country in the World! There is something for everyone in this unit study. ”

—Kathy B.

Winter Games 2014 is the perfect opportunity to get your kids into the swing of things after a long Christmas break and jump back in with a bang! This is a thorough and "beefy" study that you and your kids will love doing together. For four weeks you can put away all the regular books (except maybe math) and dive into history, geography, cultural studies, memory work, Bible, literature, science, and more all by doing Winter Games 2014 in your homeschool. First, each student will create an Olympics Journal to keep all their discoveries, vocabulary words, and memory work, and maps. Each day you will add to the journal. This study is four weeks long, split into five-day weeks. Each day is also divided into upper level grades and lower level grades to make it easier with multiple grade levels. Over the course of four weeks, you and your students will cover ancient Olympics, countries like Russia, Italy, and Germany, famous athletes, tons of Olympic events, science, and so much more. I am so excited to do this study with my kids! You're going to love it!”

—Alicia H.

FREE Winter Games 2014 Unit Study Companion Lapbook

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Winter Games 2014 Lapbook

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