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Passport Geography™ One-Week Unit Study
Grades K - 12
Passport Italy

Passport Italy

(K - 6)

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(K - 12)
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Pack up and get ready to travel to Italy with Amanda Bennett’s new Passport Geography™ series! As part of the series, this one-week unit study has been developed to provide your student with a virtual tour of Italy, covering the geography of this nation, as well as some of its history, art and literature, landmarks, and interesting people.

Take a peek at our Passport Italy Pinterest board to get a feel for this beautiful country!

From online gondola rides through Venice to touring ancient Roman structures, you will visit historic and unique sites and marvelous places that span the nation that is officially called the Italian Republic.

Some of the places you will visit include:

  • Po River Valley
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Italian Alps

You will see and hear the sights and sounds of cities and villages, people, daily life, tourist spots, and historical places, all from the comfort of home—no passport required! Some of the fun spots you will be visiting include:

  • Roman Colosseum
  • Pompeii
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Mark's Square 
  • Ferrari Factory

With the new Passport series, you will see places that most people never get to visit, becoming familiar with this part of the world and many of the landmarks and landforms that are in Italy. From learning about some of the food they enjoy, such as pizza, gelato, and gnocchi, you will be heading on to palaces and piazzas, as well as Trevi Fountain and Abruzzo National Park. We are beginning a great geographic adventure—glad to have you along!

Take a peek inside the Scout Level (K - 6).

Take a peek inside the Explorer Level (7 - 12).

Here’s what parents are saying about Passport Italy:

“'Geography! Not again,' my children sighed. Past homeschooler geography curriculums and programs have taught me and my family one thing:  geography is boring. I dread it, my children dread it, but we all know as homeschoolers that it must be done. 

However, all that has changed now that I have been exposed to the Amanda Bennett Passport Geography series. This study is amazing and has taken away all pre-class anxieties! We no longer dread learning about geography, we now enjoy it.  

I have had the privilege of doing the Passport Italy Explorer Level unit. This study drew my family in as if we were actually traveling Italian canals on a Venetian gondola! The calms waters of study moved us through each location of Italy, learning new and exciting facts about the weather, architecture, and historical figures of this iconic country. 

. . . Additionally, my tech-savvy children raved about the web links! Amanda Bennett’s study once again catered to all of my children’s learning styles.

Passport Italy truly brought out the beauty and majesty of this romantic country, and helped us to grasp the importance of learning about a culture that has so impacted ours. It is truly a blessing to have someone do all the ground work so that my family can go on an amazing scholastic journey through the land of “amore” without any stress or anxiety. In a word, this study was 'awesome'!"

—Sarah Benson, Conway, AR

"Within the first two pages of the Passport Italy unit study I knew it was going to be fabulous. Not a subject is overlooked in this study, it covers it all. My kids need to hear, see, touch, and taste their object of study to make it stick and Passport Italy covers all that too.

Whether you are wanting to grow your child's knowledge of the country of Italy itself, explore fine arts and music, delve into geography and maps, or all of the above, Amanda's Passport studies will do all that and more. The unit study is structured to take five days but you could easily turn it into a whole semester of learning. You will make delicious Italian food, visit the famous landmarks of Italy, learn a little of the Italian language and so much more. To top it all off, you'll finish with a great-looking lapbook and a stamp on your passport to show for it!

Terrific cross-curricular learning at its finest. The links, the book lists, the research, and ideas have all been gathered for you. Thank you, Amanda, for another amazing study!"

—Alicia Hutchinson, Asheville, NC

"I never knew a trip to Italy could be so cheap and be so educational for my kids, you don’t even need a passport! This one week unit study (by Amanda Bennett) takes you on a tour of Italy in the comfort of your own home! The study is packed full of ancient cities to visit, geography sites to discover, historically famous people to meet, authentic Italian food to taste, and lots more. I am amazed at all that is included and how much there is to learn through this unit study! One great thing about Amanda Bennett’s unit studies is that I can include all of my children and we can take this trip together!

Amanda has organized her wonderful study of the Italian Republic into five days that cover places like Rome, Northeast Italy, Northwest Italy, Central and Southern Italy. Within these five days you and your kids will visit places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Italian Alps, the Roman Colosseum, and Pompeii. You will learn about the land, the culture and people like Michelangelo, Marco Polo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Christopher Columbus. When you thought there could not be more, there is "Get Some Culture: Try Out the Local Food!" where you watch videos of making ravioli, how to eat spaghetti, and authentic Italian pizza! There is so much I can’t list it all!! To top off this amazing study you get to make a lapbook that will be a keepsake of your virtual tour through Italy.

On a personal note, I am so thankful for the Scripture that is included each day. The word of God is a very important part of our family life and our homeschooling journey. The Scripture that is included each day is simple enough to be memorized by the end of the day. At the end of the five days your kids will have memorized some of the truths found in God’s Word. This is a great help in "training our children in the way they should go so when they are old they will not depart from it!" (Proverbs 22:6)

Thank you Amanda Bennett and your staff for putting together another wonderful Unit Study! May God continue to use you to minister to many families!!"

—Cantina Camp, Unionville, TN

". . . If you haven’t tried these new, weeklong units for K–12 but always wanted to travel to faraway places—these units are your ticket. 

This study (as well as all the Passport series) is all-inclusive—you just add your regular math curriculum. The units are also outfitted with safe, integrated links and videos, making all the information available to your child with a click of the mouse. The book list is my favorite part. It is categorized by subject as well as by fiction (for younger and older students) or nonfiction, all while apprising you of the proper grade range. Add in some lapbooking (with all the booklets included at the end), map work, and family activities and you have a whirlwind tour to your favorite destination . . . Italy.

. . . Each day begins with a few breathtaking videos of places you will “visit” during that day’s travels. You will then go to three or four specific spots, learn about an important Italian person, encounter a local creature (and even learn how to draw some), and be encouraged to try the local fare from ravioli to cannoli, gelato to zuppa! You also get to try your hand (or voice) at some words of the day—one of my favorite parts!! 

Passport Italy has a fantastic science section called “See the Science” each day where you will dive into a specific scientific area from creating batteries to finding out how sound travels. Not only do you learn about the various regions, you also discover the scientists connected with these regions, learning all about them as well as their contributions to science. So grab your Passport and begin your Italian travels! Ciao!"

——Kellyann Walker, Summerville, SC

"The Passport series of studies are all full of safe and informative links and videos. This makes it so fun for children and parents. I have to say that my favorite part is the very detailed book list. It lists the books by subject . . . also telling the grade/age range for each. It doesn't get much easier than that!!! The daily lesson plans are a plus. They are very user-friendly. So much fun and exciting things to learn about.

This is a great study. If you and your family are wanting to learn about Italy, look no further!

I am so impressed with the amount of information in this study. From things we Americans already know about, like the Roman Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel, down to a few we have just learned about, like the Spanish Steps! I also enjoyed being able to learn about animals that live in Italy. The lapbook for this is amazing!!!

Another feature that really got me excited was the section on the solar system. Who would think there would be a small study about the solar system in a study about Italy? Very Fun! From an astronomy timeline down to projects and coloring sheets pertaining to astronomy. This unit study is a MUST-HAVE!!!

We love Amanda Bennett products. We love homeschooling around the family table, working and learning together. No matter what their age or grade . . . IT WORKS!!!!!!!"

——Dana Freeman, Liberty, MS

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(K - 6)

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