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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Pizza Party

Pizza Party

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Birthday parties, sports celebrations, homemade for family night, or special delivery—pizza brings to mind fond memories and filled tummies!

Imagine being able to teach, expanding on all things pizza, and filling their minds as well. Include the closing pizza party to wrap up a week of learning with filled minds and tummies!

Day 1: Pizza—What Is It?
Day 2: The Story of Pizza
Day 3: Types of Pizza
Day 4: The Science of Pizza
Day 5: Let's Have a Pizza Party

Imagine . . . your study will start from the history of pizza and then expand learning to include: how yeast works, how mozzarella cheese is made, mapping activities for geography, types of pizza from across the globe, information about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, facts on Galileo's experiment and other history, five historical figures, and so much more!

Many of us have been so busy enjoying actually eating pizza that the thought of learning about it has never crossed our minds!

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Pizza Party:

“Literature options abound in the suggested reading, and range from easy readers for the younger members of the family to chapter books for more independent readers. Further, would you believe that the Bible even addresses the issue of pizza? Well, okay. Even Amanda Bennett can’t tie pizza directly to the Bible, but she can find a food-relevant verse so that your unit study can include a Biblical component! Science, too, is an integral part of the compact unit study. . . The lapbook component is not necessary to complete the unit study, but it has wonderfully high-quality, full-color graphics and, given that it is included at no extra cost, almost everyone will undoubtedly welcome its addition to the study! Although the topic of pizza is, on its face, not very academic, it is one that is fraught with academic possibilities, and Amanda Bennett fully mines her subject! By the end of the week, your students will be able to tell you about the lives of five different great Italians, will be able to point out Italy and several of her cities on a world map, and so, so much more! After all, isn’t one of the reasons parents homeschool to keep learning fun? No one accomplishes this task better than Amanda Bennett . . . ”

—Laura Delgado, PhD, Houston, TX

“I used this study with my three sons ranging in ages from 3 to 13. The kids had a great time experimenting and learning all about pizza. I really like the way the study is laid out and organized for each day’s lesson. We used some of the library books recommended, and then we made our own pizzas and discussed yeast, cheese, and spices. I just got a new globe the other day at a thrift store, and this study provided a great first time for use for my boys. . . . We watched a couple of the videos on pizza twirling which was fun. I would recommend this study to families with children, young and old. It can easily be adapted to fit some of the regular studies we do during the week. The study was a fun learning experience, with lots of hands-on stuff for my busy fellows.”

—Katrina Flaws, Murphy NC

“I think Pizza Party would be a great complement to a world geography study for elementary ages. Lapbook elements include vocabulary words, famous cities in Italy, Michelangelo, and more. I was pleasantly surprised by the detail and fun learning involved with Pizza Party. As always, I love the thorough lessons and ease of use of the Download N Go™ Series. The book/resource list, the embedded links, and the clear outline are still my favorite aspects. I can get a lesson ready quickly, so we have more time to enjoy the subject without any of the frustration of planning and searching for information.”

—Sara Panning, Syracuse, NY

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To enrich your adventure, we also recommend: Nat Geo Maps Map of Italy.


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