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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

Wow! I'm finally tall enough to ride the roller coaster!

Investigate what makes roller coasters roll and enjoy lots of motivating activities!

Day 1: What Is a Roller Coaster?
Day 2: The History of Roller Coasters
Day 3: People and Places of Roller Coasters
Day 4: Science Secrets of Roller Coasters/Rides
Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Roller Coasters

Watch and follow roller coasters speeding around their tracks all over the globe. Discover their secret powers and learn about forces in motion. What better way to learn about gravity and Isaac Newton's first law of motion?

For a lot of kids, roller coasters are the most thrilling of theme park rides. And no wonder--all that swooping, twirling and lurching are likened to the feeling of an astronaut in space!

Give your kids a thrill today with Roller Coasters!

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Roller Coasters:

"WARNING: The Download N Go™ Roller Coasters unit study may bring high levels of excitement and enthusiasm to your child's learning. . . . The incredible video links that are incorporated into each day's lesson will keep your most challenging learner on the edge of his/her seat. . . .

You will twist and turn through history, biographies of those influential in the rise of roller coasters, geography, chart and map reading, and hands-on activities that use all of your child's own creative juices. Our family particularly loved the links to the websites where we could create our own roller coasters. Most amusement parks offer a two-minute splash of excitement followed by long lines to wait in before your next adrenaline rush. Download N Go™ Roller Coasters is constant stimulation and will hit all your senses. . . .

Whether you are preparing for a year of physics in your classical education series or just a last-minute vacation before your official school year begins, Download N Go™ Roller Coasters may give you just the spin you've been looking for."

—Dawn Oaks, Corinth, KY

"It really could not be simpler to use! She has given you plenty of resources, like books, which she gives you the ISBN numbers for those books (nice), as well as links for videos, which I love that idea. . . . Worksheets are included to complete either orally for the younger students or written for the older students, vocabulary sheets, etc. . . . All you have to do for the lapbook is print and cut it out. It is in full color and ready for your child to add his or her writing, vocabulary words, or artistic renditions, etc. You can use the lapbook components either as your traditional lapbook, or in a notebooking style if you would like. One of my favorite parts was on Day 3; there is a "Just for Fun" section, and she gives you a link to go build your own roller coaster and see how it rates on the Fun-O-Meter. My son will LOVE this and your kids will too. Okay, so I spent 20 minutes building my roller coaster too. It's a computer game that is safe, fun, and still in the learning mode! . . . The best part is it is really easy to fit into the schedule. Each day's study does not take hours and hours to do. And this would be a great way to take a break from the same old, same old in your schedule."

-- Kristin Nitz, Santa Ana, CA

"Perhaps you think I'm stretching when I say we can study roller coasters and learn educational material! (I honestly wondered what there was to learn about roller coasters other than some fun trivia!) But think gravity, Newton, laws of motion, physics, and also some plain, fun, interesting facts about roller coasters! This study is complete with links to videos (me, the visual learner, finds these a plus!), book lists for each day of the study (and even if you don't have time, keep in mind for future reading--we will!), links for online activities. It also includes a lapbook section for those of us that enjoy cutting and pasting those little folder flap activities. If you have a doubtful friend looking over your shoulder when you tell her you're studying roller coasters, just drop a few of the vocabulary words that you are learning, such as inertia, and launch into the law of motion!"

—Wendy Stoller, Orrville, OH

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