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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Terrific Tigers

Terrific Tigers

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Hunting down interesting facts and amusements found among God's magnificent creatures is an exciting way to learn!

Did you realize that in the past 100 years the number of tigers has been reduced by 95%? When you lock eyes with that caged tiger, you are experiencing a rare treat!

There's no doubt that the tiger is a part of the astonishing work of our Creator and His ability to make this world a special place for all of His creations.

Day 1: What Is a Tiger?
Day 2: Getting to Know Tigers
Day 3: Where Are the Tigers?
Day 4: The Science of Tigers
Day 5: Cool Things About Tigers

Of all the animals seen around the world, none captures attention like the tigers. Have you seen a Siberian tiger run? A momma tiger's interaction with her unusually adventurous 6-week-old cubs? The video clips in this study are mesmerizing!

In Terrific Tigers, you and your child will learn all about the different kinds of tigers of the world—what they eat, where they live, and the problems they face. You'll watch tiger videos and webcams from around the world and see just how they move and run, as well as how they play.

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Terrific Tigers:

I think we have found a winner this week. . . We all have enjoyed learning about tigers . . . My 1st and 2nd grade girls spent a lot of time with tape measures this week, furthering their understanding of measuring. My eldest daughter (4th grade) is doing creative writing and set one of her stories in a jungle in Asia—with tigers, of course. Even the baby caught tiger fever. He has added growling/roaring to his cute sound repertoire. My ‘intended audience,’ the kindergarten boy, thoroughly enjoyed his first week of 'real school' as he calls it. Each evening he was telling Daddy all that he learned . . . I love that these studies are so easy to do. No prep work necessary. I print out the lapbook components the night before. I have found that I enjoy cutting these out and my children enjoy doing them much better when this part is already done. If my girls are wanting to write, we print the corresponding pages for their notebooks. If they are feeling pencil-allergic, we just orally go over these parts.I am so happy to have found something that is fun for my children, easy for me, and a complete study with real learning taking place.”

Hillary Moore, Gosport, IN

My son loves making lapbooks. So when he saw the new Terrific Tigers from the Download N Go™ Series, he was so excited and wanted to start at once! Tigers are one of his favorite animals . . . his favorite part in the entire lapbook is the Treats for Tigers slider. He can move the slider up and down and discuss with me which animal the tiger eats . . . I believe that it is noteworthy that the lapbook mentioned that tigers are endangered species. This actually exposes the kids to the reality of and the responsibility of mankind to the habitat of the tigers. Another section that I like is the vocabulary section. Words relating to tigers which are often used in the lapbook are listed and the kids have to write down the meaning. For my son who is learning how to write, this is a neat way to practice his handwriting and increase his vocabulary too! So if your kids love animals, this Terrific Tigers Download N Go™ is a must for them! It has plenty of multicolored pages, links, and list of resources, which can help you in your further study about tigers.I really love it that my son expresses himself creatively through the lapbook.”

Christine Amador, Laguna, Philippines

I love the graphics in this DNG. The pictures of tigers were so cute.They are one of many of God's beautiful creatures . . . Each day there are book suggestions, family fun ideas, short educational videos, questions to answer for reviewing what was learned, and more. I believe the best thing about unit studies is that you are incorporating learning in more than one subject area. With the DNG Series you can expect to cover subjects like spelling, vocabulary, history, and science.”

Tajuana Rhodes, Kansas City, MO

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