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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Twisting Tornadoes
Twisting Tornadoes
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Spring brings gusto for life with all its fascinations—God's natural world is wild!

As tornado season touches down, you'll want to expand your homeschool horizon!

Day 1: What Is a Tornado?
Day 2: Where in the World Are Tornadoes Formed?
Day 3: How Tornadoes Form and Tornado Myths
Day 4: Science Secrets of Tornadoes
Day 5: Tornado Experiments and Tornado Safety

Amidst spring's beautiful changes and warmer climate lurk the coiling wind and stormy weather. While most adults cringe at even the mention of "tornado," most children are naturally curious, wanting to learn all they can.

Remember a child's intrigue with the vortex created from a draining bathtub? Ever make your own tornado in a bottle? Wow! Kids just love experimenting with the formations of nature, wanting to understand the way things work!

From dust devils to "snow-nadoes," these exciting weather events will keep children learning and happily investigating the world and weather of the seasons.

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Twisting Tornadoes:

“Given that I live just south of Tornado Alley, tornadoes are a very real threat to my family and me, and we have experienced more than our share of tornado warnings. While my older children know the basic causes of tornadoes, and all of my children know what to do in the case of a tornado threat, I was thrilled to see that tornadoes had come under the thoughtful eye of Amanda Bennett, because I know that now I will be able to teach all of my children the ins and outs of every aspect of tornados in a fun, but still meaningful, way.

As with all of Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go™ studies, Twisting Tornadoes is designed as a five-day unit study for K-4th graders, but it can certainly be adapted, both in terms of length and age. It also comes with a companion lapbook, but the study is just as meaty and meaningful without the lapbook, just in case your student is not the lapbooking type . . .

It really is hard to overstate how complete and all-inclusive this unit study is. Through a comprehensive series of embedded external links and a concise and easily understood lesson plan, Amanda Bennett truly does make it possible to teach your young children everything they might want to know about tornadoes.”

—Laura Delgado, Ph.D., Houston, TX

“Sometimes the best cure for fear is information, and Twisting Tornadoes provides plenty of that to satisfy curious kids . . . This unit study covers the science of vortexes and the hands-on experiments to demonstrate a twister in action. It also covers the geography and vocabulary of tornadoes. Most importantly, it provides Scriptures and prayers to alleviate fears and remind children of God’s loving protection . . . My daughter is always happy to work on a lapbook to display the knowledge she’s gained—and to have something to show off to Grandma and Grandpa! We love unit studies and lapbooks at our house, and we definitely look forward to each installment of Download N Go™. We have not been disappointed yet!”

—Sara Panning, Syracuse, NY

“This is an easy way to learn the crucial information—all the FUN STUFF related to tornados—and certainly I hope you never get to experience one firsthand, but their power is something incredible! Children have such natural curiosity, and while a REAL tornado may evoke fear, if we teach all the information prior to such an event or as a point of knowledge as the seasons change from winter to spring, what greater peace can come as well as being prepared for safety . . . You will find this easy to teach and rich for your child!”

—Cheryl McDunnell, West Central Ohio

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