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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Volatile Volcanoes

Volatile Volcanoes

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From the first signs of ash and steam erupting from the peak to the lava flow and the explosive sounds that accompany an erupting volcano, these are astounding geographical wonders to behold for kids of all ages. As the rivers of molten rock run down the sides of the volcano, kids ooohhh and aaaaahh and stare with wonder. They are fascinated with these fiery mountains!

Each day, your child will explore and investigate, creating and adding more learning components to his Volatile Volcanoes lapbook, building a wonderful reminder of all that he is learning to enjoy for years to come.

Day 1: What Is a Volcano?
Day 2: Where in the World Are Volcanoes Formed?
Day 3: How Volcanoes Form and Volcano Myths
Day 4: Science Secrets of Volcanoes
Day 5: Volcano Wonders and Unexpected Volcanoes

Volcanoes make a perfect unit study topic and provide a wonderful learning tool. From the parts of a volcano to the flow of lava, Volatile Volcanoes is going to take your child on a new and different learning adventure!

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Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Volatile Volcanoes:

"Volcanoes! What an interesting topic! If you have children who love learning about the earth and the many mysteries it contains you will love Volatile Volcanoes!

This is such a fun unit! Filled with all kinds of facts and information about volcanoes. This unit covers so many aspects of the volcano. Have you ever wondered how they were formed or where they are found? Maybe you are wondering if there are still active volcanoes today? This unit covers these topics and many others. 

Each day you will learn about a different volcano. The myths and realities of volcanoes. The science of volcanoes!  I especially love all of the hands-on activities that are included!  How about making your very own volcano? Or taking a journey around the world visiting some of the world’s volcanoes via webcam! Maybe you would love to visit an ancient city that was destroyed by a volcano? Or finding out that volcanoes can be found in places you may never have suspected!

The lapbook included with this unit has colorful graphics and is a wonderful tool to record your child’s observations and facts learned during their study of volcanoes. There are even some cute jokes included in this lapbook to add some laughs to your school day

This is a wonderful unit! Don’t be surprised if you end up on some rabbit trails as a result of learning about volcanoes!"

—Michele Gerrells, Pittsgrove, NJ

"We've been having a blast this week with Volatile Volcanoes. The kids especially love the videos embedded in the text. We've made each day special by having our dinner made up of dishes from the country where the "Volcano of the Day" is located. We'll finish the week with a Volcano Party--volcano meatballs, volcano mashed potatoes, chocolate lava cakes. The grandparents will be coming so the kids can show off their lapbooks and everything they've learned. Thanks for making our homeschool so fun!!"

—Carrie Denn Hoke, Richardson, TX

"This fascinating study will captivate your K - 4th grade students. (You could easily adapt for older students as well.)

Volatile Volcanoes fits all learning styles with stunning videos (safely embedded on an Amanda Bennett page to keep your child safe), informative links, colorful worksheet pages, fun projects like making volcanoes and an edible earth, and a lapbook complete with easy instructions. In addition, you will find an optional book list for enhancing your study. 

In Volatile Volcanoes, students will learn what a volcano is and where they can be found, and each day a different volcano is introduced and explored. Volatile Volcanoes includes science, history, geography, vocabulary, Bible and more!  "

—Karen D. Gouvin, Bradford, RI

"Volatile Volcanoes is an excellent way to teach your children about the earth and about one of God's phenomenal geographical wonders. Each day starts out with several videos that help your children visualize volcanoes and pique their interest, followed by many thought-provoking questions. You'll learn history, geography, science and so much more.

Lapbooking ideas are incorporated into this unit study and present a great way for your children to experience hands-on learning. It's also a great way for your children to create a record of what they've learned, so that they can look back at it any time they want in the years to come. I love the great book list that is included. It makes finding supplementary material a breeze and I really appreciate the fact that the work has already been done for me.

As with all Download N Go units, Volatile Volcanoes is ready to use and requires very little planning.  It's a great addition to my curriculum and a great value."

—Lori Vissers, Haslett, MI

"What a wonderful study to show children how amazing God is! The idea of a volcano . . . hot molten earth shooting up out of holes in the ground is an example of the creativity of our Creator!
My oldest, who is 8, would love the experiments and hands-on activities that I see in this study. For example, the “edible earth” craft/project on Day 1 would be right up her alley! I appreciate the fact that Download N Go has gone to the trouble to find the craft and link it for me so that part of my work is done for me. . . .

I always find the book list provided in each download n go study to be EXTREMELY useful . . . we manage to read almost every book that we can get from our library!
. . . with a study like Volcanoes, being able to watch these breathtaking videos of nature in action will be wonderful. Where we live (as I’m sure many can relate), we don’t have a volcano near us, so being about to watch footage of it up close and researched by a reputable source is wonderful."

—Stephanie Shepherd, Franklin, TN

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