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Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook
Grades K - 4
Whale Tales
Whale Tales

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Thar' she blows!

How much do you and your children really know about earth's largest animal? Did you know there are more than 80 different kinds of whales?

Unlock the secrets about that mysterious "monster" of the sea.

Day 1: What Is a Whale?
Day 2: Getting to Know Whales
Day 3: Where Are the Whales?
Day 4: The Science of Whales
Day 5: Cool Things About Whales

Your students will submerge to new depths and delights of learning as they explore the wonders of the oceans and God's magnificent creatures!

Set sail on an awesome deep sea adventure and meet the whale families! It'll be a perfect reminder to your family of our amazing Creator and His ability to make this world a special place for all of His creations.

As Herman Melville writes in Moby Dick, ". . . sail about a little and see the watery part of the world."

Take a peek inside this unit.
Here’s what homeschooling parents are saying about Whale Tales:

“This study will take you on a whaling adventure. Designed with your K-4 grade student in mind, it is packed full of lapbook templates, research that is already done for you, library book list to add additional review and information, video clips to enhance your lessons as well as colorful and engaging worksheets. . . . If you have yet to discover the Download and Go™ series for yourself, you will not be disappointed. . . . As we complete the studies, I watch as my son enjoys this approach to learning. With the video links, worksheets, and lapbooking templates the study comes to life for him. We look forward to many more to come.”

—Lynn Pitts, Great Falls, MT

“There are awesome videos in this study. . . . I will say I have never found anything objectionable in this series when it comes to the Internet links. . . . This lapbook is wonderfully done, colorful and full of learning opportunities for each child . . . this could be easily adapted for even an older preschool student if the parent teacher is open to taking dictation from the child. With daily vocabulary words, different types of whales like the humpback, bowhead, and other whales, studying what mammals are, oceans, and other learning activities, this lapbook will provide a meaningful learning experience.“

—Sarah Bailey, Springfield, Ohio

“Download N Go™ Whale Tales is the most adorable and informative unit study on whales I’ve come across. This is a week full of study covering most of your core studies for a full week. Need to take a break from your week to week curriculum or like a more hands-on approach? Then take a look at this fantastic study about whales using the biblical story of Jonah and the whale, using scriptures, science, social studies, vocabulary, critical thinking, geography, and reading. If your crew is interested in whales and/or the story of Jonah, this is a very informative unit study covering the anatomy of whales, types of whales, and many other aspects of whales. God’s glorious creation can be quite fascinating, studying them and learning how intricate in design animals can be.”

—Hollie Eaddy-Kohvakka, Coffeen, IL

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